[Amendment] Apologies are sent to all readers

Police called young man a liar, when he was viciously assaulted by Library security.
The ‘alleged’ incident that took place on 10/02/14, regarding a young man and the library security staff was entirely based on biased and disregardable information. The information that was posted on this blog on 11/02/14 about the incident was not based on factual information, nor was the story accurate.

We ask that you disqualify anything that you may have read regarding this matter, and would like to stress that the Library staff and the Police at the time dealt with the incident appropriately and efficiently, and are continuing to do so.

Youngsters now-a-day’s don’t realize the power they hold when they are posting to social networking sites, and don’t think how one comment, can develop further into something much bigger than they’d expected. This incident was a prime example of a youngster trying to be outspoken, without realising the impact of Facebook.

The young man is now in the process of amending the issue, and apologizing to the necessary person(s) affected including the Library staff, and the Police.

But let this be a message to us all, do not always believe what you read on the internet and social network sites, as much of the content we may find whilst on these sites, can look convincing and sound believable, but is not necessarily always based on hard factual information.

Apologies are sent to all those who read this original article, the information provided was not accurate, and should be disregarded.


[Updated February 13. 2014 @ 19:16pm]



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